How To Clean Your Car Interior Plastic In 6 Steps

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You always want to keep clean your car interior plastic, so that the car remains spotless and looks new every day. Maybe your dream of a spotless car in life come true one day. We often see that most cars are made with plastic and plastic is used in large quantities in cars in the interior and exterior. Plastic use in car manufacturing usually is less costly than other materials. Plastic is durable, lightweight, and cheeps. Interior plastic gets dust and dirt like other materials from outside.

Have you ever found yourself unable to remove unwanted stains and dirt inside your car’s plastic? A dirty car’s plastic interior isn’t only an eyesore, but it also makes your car appear as if it has been poorly cared for, so you should use the best way to clean your car interior plastic. The good news is that cleaning your car’s plastic interior doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here are some of the best 6 ways to clean your car’s plastic interior so that it looks like new once again.

What to use to clean your car interior plastic:

Here are the best ways to clean your car interior plastic, read completely for better understanding.

Vacuum the interior

Clean Your Car Interior Plastic

Vacuuming is the most important step in the cleaning process, as it removes dust and dirt from all over the inside of your car. It also collects any spilled food or drinks that fell into the carpeting. Use a high-powered vacuum with a brush attachment, and pay special attention to areas where spills are likely to occur under mates, around cup holders, behind seats, next to the cup holders, etc.

Vacuum your car’s floor mats perfectly, you can also remove mates before vacuuming the car’s ground surface. You should do it thoroughly, it can help you to clean your car interior last as long as possible. You know a lot of the grime or dirt you see on your plastic is likely made up of dust particles, so if you will do the vacuuming perfectly your car interior plastic will remain clean for a long time.

Dashboard Cleaning

Clean Your Car Interior Plastic

1) Clean the dashboard with a damp cloth.

2) Use an old toothbrush and vacuum cleaner attachment to get at the cracks and crevices.

3) Mix up a pot of white vinegar, water, baking soda, and liquid dish soap (about 1⁄4 cup each).

4) Dip a sponge into the mixture and use it to scrub the dashboard.

5) Rinse off the dashboard with water or let it dry.

First, follow these points and then use cleaner to shine the surface of the dashboard. Dashboard cleaner is a spray bottle and free from any solvent. It helps clean all parts of the car like vinyl, plastic, leather, and rubber. There are many advantages of cleaner some important ones are given below:

  • It Prevents dust gather on the dashboard
  • It Protects from UV rays
  • It makes a smooth surface of the dashboard
  • It gives a Guarantee for wear and tear on the dashboard
  • It also identifies the original color of the dashboard

Remove dust from the Plastic interior Of Car

Clean Your Car Interior Plastic

To remove dust from the interior these things keep in mind.

  • To remove the dust from the interior of your car, you will need a vacuum cleaner and an air fresher. You can either use one of these products or make your own.
  • To make your own, combine equal parts water and liquid soap in a spray bottle. Spray it on the seats and then use a microfiber towel to buff them off.
  • If you have time, let the seats dry and then apply a protectant so that they don’t get dirty as easily.

Treat stains in the interior

Clean Your Car Interior Plastic

First, identify the stains and follow the relevant method of cleaning. One of the most popular and easiest ways to remove stains from plastic is with a mixture of water and baking soda. This method works especially well on yellowish or greasy stains, which can be reduced by simply wiping them off with a sponge or cloth.

If the interior has stubborn stains that won’t come off, try vinegar or alcohol .when you know that stains are completely removed then let them dry for some last, provide some protection on your car interior for a shiny surface.

When cleaning leather seats, use a mild detergent and a damp sponge or cloth to wipe away dirt. Be sure not to rub too hard as this could cause scratches in the leather. Wipe up any spilled liquids immediately so they don’t dry on leather surfaces and become more difficult to remove later on.

Use polish in the interior

Clean Your Car Interior Plastic

Polish is a great way to make the plastics in your vehicle shiny and new again. To do this, use a cotton ball or cloth to apply the polish onto the surface of the plastic. Work in small circles and then wipe off any excess polish with a dry cloth. You should also be careful not to get any polish on other surfaces like upholstery or glass because it will leave marks that are hard to remove.

Apply protectant

Protectants are a good choice if you want something that will keep the surface of your plastics looking shiny and new, without having to do anything special.

As with any other type of product, there are many different brands of protectants on the market today which all have their pros and cons. You need to do some research so that you can choose one that will work well for what you need it for.


We recommended you the 6 best ways to keep clean your car interior plastic, given in this article because these ways are basic and necessary to keep your car in good condition. There are many ways to clean your car’s interior, but not all methods are created equal. You want to make sure that you’re using the best method for cleaning plastic material so that you don’t damage your car seats or other plastic car interior components in the process. Share this information with your friends too.

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