How to detail a car interior step by step In 2023

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Every car owner wants his car looks new always. Keeping the car in tip-top condition is one of the best habits in the life of a car owner. It can be difficult for you when you do not know about car interior detailing. When you know about detail a car interior step by step then it is no more difficult for you.

A car interior contains sensitive parts. It is made up of different types of materials. So always take care when you detail the car interior. There are no expensive tools used in detailing the inside of the car. In this article, we will discuss the best guide detailing the car interior for a spotless result every time.

Vacuum Car Interior

detail a car interior

This is the first step of detailing the car interior, If there’s one thing you want to pay attention to when vacuuming, it’s getting rid of dirt and grime that gather in cracks like corners or between seats. For these areas, use the hose attachment and do not allow the dirt left over that can attract more dirt later on.  When you clean the car inside completely then wipe it down with a wet cloth.

If you have pets who love to get into all sorts of messes, invest in a good automotive upholstery attachment as well. Carefully vacuum around buttons and cracks before returning them to their original positions. The same goes for pet hairs, remove them from seats with tape or even by hand, but do it carefully so you don’t accidentally rip any leather.

Clean the Seats and Floor Mats

The second step in detailing a car interior is cleaning the seats and floor mats with some cleaner before you get started on anything else. If you don’t have seat covers, vacuum them properly.

If you have no cleaner in time then always use microfiber towels that can do wonders in helping remove dust. And if those items cannot be cleaned any longer, it might be time to invest in a new set of seats. Your comfort and safety while driving are important too.

Clean the Dashboard, Door Panels, and Windshield

detail a car interior

When starting the cleaning of the car dashboard, door panel, and windshield, one thing must be remembered to wash down all of these surfaces with soap and water. Then, spray them with a heavy-duty cleaner to remove all stains. To help prevent future stains and damage, apply the car protectant over everything.

It may seem like it won’t do anything, but it will help shield your dashboard from harmful UV rays. The effect of UV rays discolors the dashboard and decreases the decoration of the interior. Remember to avoid using household cleaners they could leave behind streaks that are hard to remove once dried.

Remove Stains from Carpets

The carpets used in the car interiors may also be of different materials. As all, we know carpets either are leather or plastic and these also have differences in nature. These can also be affected by dirt, debris, and stains. But it is not difficult to work to get rid of them. Simple and small stains can easily remove with just the use of a simple cleaner.

Some stubborn stains occur on the surface of the carpet because of negligence for a long time. All these types of stains can also be removed with some special cleaners. There is some precaution needed during the cleaning of the carpet because it can also rip off due to the chemical present in the special cleaner.

Disinfect Spray For Car Interior

You don’t want germs, viruses, or other contaminants present in your car. You can easily remove them with regular cleaning. Use an automotive disinfectant spray throughout every surface of your car’s interior. There are many types of disinfectants available in the market.

The question is whether either we use the same disinfectants for the car interiors or not which use in our homes, absolutely yes. They can also have a very pleasant smell that makes a beautiful environment in the car interior.


No matter what you’re up to, your car interior must have an odor. The cause of this odor inside the car is either a sunny day or a rainy day. When your car stays under this condition for a long time then some sunscreen appears and also causes an ordinary odor.

Having an odor in your car affects the environment inside and also your health. If you don’t have any fragrances or perfumes in there to deodorize it, now it may be time to invest in some air fresheners for cars.


detail a car interior

When you finish the cleaning all parts inside the car. Now it’s time to polish them one by one for a shiny surface. But make sure that you clean any dirt or grime from all sides before polishing. If there is any stubborn residue left after rinsing, take some extra time with an automotive scrub brush and brush it off before rinsing again.

There are also many types of shiners present in the market. They are also made for different parts of the interior and cannot be used in all parts. There are many benefits of shiner but the most important is that it makes the surface new and increases the life of the car interior.

Apply Protectant

When we’re talking about protecting a car interior, you can think of it in two ways. You can either protect its value or protect its condition. We already know that some things are going to destroy any value.

Sunlight is a big one but there are some easy things you can do day-to-day to help keep your car looking great. Investing in a nice detail now and again will also go a long way toward protecting.


A car interior is a very sensitive part of the car. This is the responsibility of the car owner to protect it from different types of dirt, debris, and stains. You can protect the car interior detailing by using the above processes for a long life of the car. You should share this information also with your friends for their guidance.

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