How much does a car cover cost In 2023

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Car covers are safety measures that are designed to prevent the vehicle from being damaged by dust, dirt, and snow. How much does a car cover cost, it is very essential to know before buying a car cover. They can also be a means of customizing a car to make it look more appealing or practical. Car covers can cost as little as $30 or $50 for a cheap one that may not offer sufficient protection, upwards of tens of thousands for high-end coverings resistant to robust and inclement weather, and considered brand-name cars.

Although there are various car covers, most are made from breathable fabric. They have elasticized or shredded-corner seams and they are typically machine washable. Car covers come in different materials, sizes, and prices. A popular material that is relatively cheap is vinyl automotive car covers.

Vinyl is often used to make bibs, back seat protective pads, and car covers because it is rugged, waterproof, and easy to install. Some companies also offer motorized car covers. These aerodynamic covers are made from a thin-film rubber material. The purpose of motorized coverings is to let in heat and cool air, which is not practical with other types of car covers. In this article, we will discuss the main factors to determine the cost of a car cover.

Factors that determine the cost

car cover cost

When buying a car cover, it is essential to remember that some different factors determine the price of a car cover.


The name or brand of a car cover is one factor that influences its price. Whether you will have to spend more money on repairs and maintenance depends on the brand. So, it is essential to check out the name and quality of a car cover before buying one.


The type of material used for a car cover is the most important thing that determines the cost.

For example, if you buy a car cover from a company using vinyl, then expect to pay less than a company using rubber. Vinyl is an affordable, durable, and non-porous material.


Different designs are used to design car covers, like cut-outs in leather or metal studs in plastic.

These designs are more expensive since they require extra attention during the manufacturing process. Read the complete post and know how much a car cover costs.


One of the critical elements of a car cover is its ability to prevent any damage caused by weather or the external environment. You must see how much maintenance is needed.

Although some covers are easy to maintain and can be cleaned, others may require extra attention. In such instances, you must check for maintenance costs before purchasing one so that it does not cause any problems later.


The most essential factor in determining the price of a car cover is its size. The higher the price, the larger the cover size. The dimension of car covers varies from small to extra large depending on their purpose.

For example, a carpet-size car cover is not as adequate as an oversized one that can protect even a truck or SUV.


The stability of a car cover can also be an essential factor when purchasing one. The product should be simple to install to ensure that it stays in place.

Car covers should also be stable enough not to move around or even damage themselves or the car.


The fit of a car cover should be another essential factor to consider when purchasing one. Car covers should have snug and elasticized fits that hug the car tightly.

It is common for some covers to slip away or even flap when they continuously get caught in the wind. It is essential to look at the fit of the car cover before buying it because an improper fit can lead to leaks, damage, and even wear and tear on your vehicle.

waterproof or not

If you are looking for an all-weather car cover, it is better to go for a waterproof cover. If not, you can opt for a breathable cover that allows ventilation to avoid humidity and condensation in the car.

But if you are looking for a waterproof cover, it is better to choose one with tighter seaming as this will restrict moisture from getting inside. But on the other hand, if you want one that allows air circulation in and out, choose one with loose seams.

Lockable or not

Lockable car covers are helpful when you want to secure your vehicle while not using them. It is essential to choose a lockable cover that can hold out against strong wind and rain and does not leave any gaps for water and debris to enter.

Heat resistance

Cars that are kept in the garage or covered can face condensation problems. The moisture and humidity build up inside a vehicle due to heat and cold, and it can cause rusting of your car.

If you want to avoid these problems, go for a car cover with a heat resistance feature that allows ventilation in the car to prevent excessive heat.

How much does a car cover cost

Waterproof Car Cover

Here are the prices for different types of car covers:

Lightweight polyester-cotton car cover

These kinds of car cover cost between $50 to $100.these car covers are not durable and easy to wear out. You must clean your car with a damp cloth after every wash.

Heavyweight polyester car cover

These kinds of covers cost between $120 and $200. These car covers are more durable than the lightweight versions, but they are not very affordable. Prices may vary based on how the cover is used.

Fiberglass or rubberized cloth or vinyl car cover

These types of covers cost between $200 to $600.its a waterproof. It also protects against rust.

These covers cost more than the other car covers due to the durability and protection they give your car and the advantages they provide. This guide will help you to understand how much a car cover costs.

Carrara leather or suede car cover 

These types of covers cost between $600 to $1000. Because they are genuine leather, they are more expensive than the other covers. The beneficial features of these types of covers are their durability and breathability.

These car covers cost less than the other options as they cost less at the end of their life because of which one can spend more on them than other options. 

Steel and aluminium car covers 

This type of car covers costs around $800 to $1000. These covers are usually used for trucks and SUVs. They have very high durability and strength.

You can also install these covers in your garage, another advantage. They come with additional features like locking capabilities. 

Factors that consider when buying a car cover

best outdoor car cover for Audi a4

When selecting a car cover, there are several factors that you need to consider, and here they are:

Weather resistance

When choosing a car cover, the first thing you have to consider is weather resistance and durability.

To be waterproof, the cover should have a tight fit. It should also have materials that can protect your vehicle against rain, snow, dust, wind, and ice particles to protect your vehicle.

Indoor or outdoor

The car covers you select should be purchased according to your need to choose its appropriate usage. Some covers are available for cars that are kept indoors. If you want the car to stay hidden and protected, covers that can keep water out of your vehicle are the best option.

But if you prefer going out with it often, opt for an outdoor cover as these are also moisture resistant and provide extra protection against rain and snow. They prevent water from getting in and keep dust away from your vehicle.

Position of the cover

The position of your car cover is also an essential factor to consider. Before buying a car cover, you must make sure that it can fit your vehicle.

The best places to place your car cover are in the hood and on the trunk. Although if desired, you can also put it on the doors and the back window. It is better to position this type of cover on clean and dry areas so that they do not wear away quickly.

UV protection

The UV protection feature of the car cover is another essential factor to consider. This will protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle from getting damaged due to exposure to the sun.


Another essential factor to consider when choosing a car cover is ruggedness. It should be capable of shielding your vehicle from any potential hazards.

The material used for making the car cover should have high resistance against wear and tear and be abrasion-resistant and pocket resistant. It should also protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays.


Another important factor to consider is the quality of the cover you choose. Its building material must be both lightweight and watertight.

The cover must have stitching that withstands any wear and tear and is resistant to water, dust, mud, snow, ice, and sand particles. It is better to buy one made with good quality fabric than a cheaper cover that will cost more repairs and maintenance.


The style of the cover you select is equally important to consider. You can select a car cover that has a matching colour to your vehicle, or you can opt for one with a pattern or design that will make your vehicle look unique.


Please consider safety when choosing car covers. Even though all car covers are made from synthetic materials, some covers are of poor quality and cause slipping and wearing out. Your vehicle must have a high-durability cover and can last for years.


The material used for making the cover is yet another vital factor to consider. It should be lightweight, breathable, and waterproof. Before purchasing a car cover, it is better to check out some reviews on Amazon and other websites.

You can also ask your friends or family members if they know about any brands of car covers that are durable, affordable, easy to maintain, almost maintenance-free, and waterproof.

Return policy and warranty

When choosing a car cover, you must also consider the return policy and warranty that comes with it. You should also read the instructions before installing it on your vehicle and make sure that you can return the cover if, on your first use, you find that it is defective or not waterproof.


A car cover is an excellent investment because it will last for many years. It will protect your vehicle from scrapes and dents that may cost you lots of money on repairs and maintenance. Car covers are an easy and inexpensive way to protect your vehicle from rain, snow, dust, and sunlight. From the above article, we can conclude that choosing an ideal car cover is a challenging task as it involves many factors mentioned above.

To select the perfect cover, you have to consider your car make and model, the material of the car cover, the weather resistance, the kind of protection it offers, and its durability, among many other factors. Hopefully, this article will help you understand how much a car cover costs if you have any queries, please ask us in the comment section.  


How much does a car cover cost on average?
The average cost of a car cover can range from $50 to $500, depending on the type, material, and size of the cover.

Are there any budget-friendly car covers available in the market?
Yes, there are budget-friendly car covers available in the market that cost around $20 to $30. However, they may not offer the same level of protection as higher-priced covers.

What type of car cover should I buy for my vehicle?
The type of car cover you should buy depends on your specific needs. Indoor car covers are designed to protect your vehicle from dust, while outdoor covers are more durable and protect against the weather and other outdoor elements.

Are custom car covers more expensive than standard-sized covers?
Yes, custom car covers are typically more expensive than standard-sized covers as they are made to fit your specific vehicle’s measurements and shape.

What are the factors that affect the cost of a car cover?
The cost of a car cover is influenced by factors such as the material used, the brand, the size of the cover, and the level of protection offered.

Can I get a good quality car cover at a discounted price?
Yes, you can find good quality car covers on sale or at a discounted price during promotional periods or clearance sales. Online marketplaces may also offer lower prices compared to physical stores.

How often do I need to replace my car cover?
The lifespan of a car cover depends on the material used and the frequency of use. A high-quality car cover can last for several years, but frequent use or exposure to harsh weather conditions may require more frequent replacement.

Are there any specific care instructions that I should follow for my car cover?
Yes, most car covers come with specific care instructions that should be followed to ensure the longevity of the cover. These may include guidelines on washing, drying, and storing the cover when not in use.

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