how to maintain car engine performance In 2023

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Car engines consist of many complex parts which connect to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. So caring for these parts to provide helps you to maintain car engine performance for a long time.

But it is also an important thing to know about maintenance and what kind of maintenance you provide your car engine to avoid any damage happening to the car engine. In this article, we provide very useful information to you that will help a lot to maintain car engine performance.

Clean the air filter 

maintain car engine performance

If you don’t replace the air filter in the required time, dirt and other particles gather in the engine.  This dirty air filter not only affects car engine performance as well as puts extra stress on your car engine. So it is important to replace the air filter at the required time. It is also important to keep in mind the manufacturer’s recommendation about changing the dirty and old air filters. Regular car engine maintenance will help you to maintain car engine performance.

To avoid labor charges for the replacement of the air filter, you should know the process of air filter replacement and make sure that everything is done right. Cleaning an old or neglected air filter may require complete replacement because any remaining contaminants could have compromised its ability to function properly.

 Change the engine oil regularly

maintain car engine performance

Another important tip related to car engines is oil changing; Even if you drive an older car. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, the recommendation of oil changing at certain intervals is most necessary. Changing your oil regularly helps keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently and helps will help your engine run forever.

Not sure about the oil changing process or want to change oil at certain intervals should talk with your mechanic before any changes. They can tell you how often you should change it and give tips for doing so on your own. Otherwise, getting an oil change is relatively cheap. Usually, oil changing costs depend upon the kind of car.

Check hoses

maintain car engine performance

Usually, hoses are made from rubber and flexible. Hoses play an important role in a car’s engine because these connect different parts of the engine with each other. It also provides coolant to the radiator of the car. You may not see the leakage in the hoses but certainly, you feel it and it can cause a big problem in the engine. If they are used for many years and leakages occur in them so replace them with new ones, and also make sure to check them at least once a time in one month.

 When checking hoses, make sure there are no signs of corrosion or cracking; also watch out for discolored areas that indicate a leak. If you find either issue with your hoses, it’s time to shop for new ones because even a small leak can cause significant damage over time.

Tighten fasteners

maintain car engine performance

The fastener also plays an important role in the car engine, so regularly check and tighten fasteners, such as spark plug wires, fuel lines, and other hoses and clamps. Loose or deteriorated fasteners can allow contaminants to enter your engine, causing costly damage.

If you have an older vehicle that uses a timing belt for its valve covers instead of a chain or gear-driven mechanism, get in the habit of visually inspecting it before you start driving each morning. If you feel that your timing belt makes some crack, then do not be late to replace them as soon as possible

Check the cooling system

maintain car engine performance

One of the most important factors in keeping your engine cool and helping your engine run forever is regular fluid and air circulation. Make sure that you’re using the correct water-coolant mixture, that all hoses are in good shape and properly attached, and that there are no leaks in any parts of your cooling system.

Also make sure that you’re regularly checking for signs of damage or wear on belts, fans, spark plugs, coolant flushes, and so forth. These things may sound small (and even obvious), but they can lead to serious issues later down the lines. So it’s worth taking a few minutes each month to check them out.

Align tires

maintain car engine performance

Tire alignment is also called wheel balancing. It can help tires to perform smoothly while running. Tire alignment is not only the process to make tires align but also make tires at one angle.  It put affects your engine when tires make contact with the road. If tires are not at one angle then it causes disturbing during driving. The following three signs show that your tires are not in proper alignment.

  • Uneven driving
  • Steering wheels are not in the center position while driving straight
  • The pulling car left to right or vice versa

So make sure that your all wheels are in proper alignment.

Clean battery terminals

maintain car engine performance

The most important thing you can do for your car battery is to keep it clean, so that power reaches it easily. If there’s corrosion on a battery’s terminals. Two points where it connects to a car. You might see dimmer headlights, weaker stereo speakers, or difficulty starting your vehicle.

To avoid these problems and more, get in the habit of cleaning both ends of each cable once a month. Make sure to wipe off all traces of dirt and acid buildup with a cloth dampened with baking soda and water; then use another dry part of that same cloth to polish away any residue left behind by mineral spirits.

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Check belts

maintain car engine performance

Belts mainly connect the different parts of the engine with each other. Some of the important parts are drive-through belts such as air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps, alternators, and water pumps.

While older cars only used one belt to run all these components. With time belts gets older because they bear the temperature effects, crack and damaged belts make some odd noise while driving so taking care of belts is necessary to help your car engine run forever and should be replaced after certain intervals.

Service transmission fluid

maintain car engine performance

Check transmission fluid levels when you perform another routine service on your vehicle, such as an oil change. Over time, transmission fluid can break down and become too thin to efficiently lubricate gears.

This is a common problem on newer cars that are frequently put through long bouts of stop-and-go traffic. To avoid problems later on, check fluid levels regularly and have them checked at each oil change or sooner if you notice a leak or other problems.

Perform annual inspection

maintain car engine performance

Car experts agree that it is wise to perform an annual inspection of your car. During a proper inspection, you can identify any potential problems before they get worse and needlessly drain money from your wallet.

In addition to reducing time and expense, fixing small issues before they grow into big ones helps ensure safety on roads You should be able to easily find an independent mechanic who can perform an inspection of your car; however, most general automobile repair shops can do so as well.


We have discussed the most important points here regarding the maintenance of car engine which will help you to maintain car engine performance for a smooth run and long too. Take care of your vehicle which can protect you from any ambiguous situation.

You should try to follow the user manual instructions for your vehicle’s long life. Share these informative points with your friends. We hope you have gotten enough knowledge to protect your vehicle by doing these tips.


How can I make my car engine run like new?

If you want to keep your car engine like new, you should change the engine oil regularly. Every car has a different engine, but most should have their oil changed every three months or after running 3,000 miles.

Should I change the oil if I don’t drive much?

If you did not drive a car much but you should change the engine oil at least twice a year. Engine oil is running in your car engine like blood in your body. So, you should take it seriously.

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