How to prevent white car from turning yellow 2023

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You can expect your brand-new car to be bright, shiny, and well-maintained. You’ll notice the yellowing of your car’s paint surface as the sun’s rays darken and intensify. If left too long, the acidity of bird droppings will eventually wear through the transparent coating.

Is there anything you do, to prevent white car from turning yellow, that process can be accelerated with modern technology, but some DIY methods work as well. Depending on the type of yellow stain, there are different methods and preventative measures. Therefore, we’re going to discuss yellow spots and the different techniques for removing them. Furthermore, we’ll give you tips on remove yellowing from white car paint.

how to remove yellow stains from white car paint

How to prevent white car from turning yellow | Remove Yellowing From White Car Paint 2022

White cars become yellow over time. Have you ever noticed? Even though this is a normal process, it can be undesirable and difficult to remove yellowing from white car paint but the following are the best ways to remove yellow stains from white car paint.

Regularly wash the car

Wash the car to get rid of dirt and loose particles from the road. Put on protective gloves and scrub them with water and dish soap. Rinse well with clean water and allow to completely dry before wiping off to eliminate any excess grit or dust. In case an air hose is required (no more than 150 psi).

Apply Pre-Wax Cleaner

To remove the wax coating found on older vehicles, use pre-wax cleaning. Pre-wax cleansers are effective for this procedure when sprayed on and removed with a microfiber cloth. Usually, they don’t need to leave them for more than 2 to 3 minutes.

But be cautious, if the paint is still yellow, it may be too early to apply a pre-wax cleaning like this.

Allow the cleaner to sit for two minutes before wiping it off. It will seem brighter once the product has partially removed the yellowing from the paint surface.


How to prevent white car from turning yellow | Remove Yellowing From White Car Paint 2022
Polishing of varnish after painting the car, close-up. Grinding machine for the body of the auto. Grinding the car before painting. The auto mechanic grinds the white car parts after painting before polishing, close-up.

This is often done after removing the wax coat and pre-wax cleaning. Using a clean, soft foam pad, press the polish over the cloth until it begins to absorb it. To continue polishing, move to a different area of the towel.

The objective is to remove all the tiny micro-scratches that your pre-wax cleaner’s abrasives have left behind (There may have been dirt or sap present). Polishing the car paint can also remove yellow stains from white car paint.

Apply Paint Sealant

We are now prepared to apply a paint sealant. Ensure your paint surface is chilly to the touch before beginning if you decide to do this yourself. Using a soft foam pad and an orbit polishing set to a light- to moderate setting, apply the product carefully.

When applying pressure or speed, choose the side of less instead of more in order to avoid burning through your paint surface. The maximum protection against potential damage and fading is included in sealants.

Clay Bars

A clay bar is a flexible box-shaped rubber that can remove yellow stains that sticks to your car. While cleaning your car do not let the clay bar drop or fall on the ground, especially when you are removing the yellow stains from your car paint outdoors. It can pick up gravel, sand, or other debris that can scratch the car’s paint.

It is very easy to use a clay bar, You have to just open the packing and cut it into flat pieces. Then you can moisten or wet your car, and rub the clay bar vertically and evenly. The clay bar will change remove the stain and make the car paint surface clean. You can check the complete car care kit.

Why Does Your White Car Turn Yellow?

White cars turn yellow due to oxidation from the sun, acid rain, rust, and engine heat. We’ll look at each one.

Oxidation from the sun

Yellowish stains may emerge on your white cars after washing them or after parking them in the sun. This is so that the white paint doesn’t become yellowish due to oxidation caused by ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. Your car’s exposure to the sun causes this over time.

Because water can sneak in, side door panels may develop a yellow discoloration. To prevent this from happening, park your cars in shady areas. Additionally, you should routinely clean the mirror and side door panels.

Acid rain

Acid rain can take the forms of snow, fog, and rain. These three things may all harm and cover your car. The acidity of the water weakens metal and paint.

Engine heat

The engine generates heat, which can turn the hood a shade of yellow. You should polish the hood to keep it appearing clean and shiny because you cannot stop the heat.


Rust may develop under the paint if you reside near the coastal area. White paint may become yellowish because of this. To avoid serious rust build-up, watch out for early indicators. Leaving it neglected might make it harmful. The entire surface of the cars might be harmed by the rust.

Asphalt deposits

Black asphalt deposits that were left on the cars for an excessive amount of time are frequently to blame if the bottom control panels of the white car start to turn yellow. Clear the outer surface and remove any other harmful pollutants to get rid of this. You can also check this car care kit for your car.

How to prevent white car from turning yellow?

How to prevent white car from turning yellow  Remove Yellowing From White Car Paint 2022
  1. Keep your car in the garage. The plant should be shaded from the direct heat of the sun. Paint will crack and crust if exposed to the sun long-term.
  2. Prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt by washing your car regularly. The paint stays bright and elegant when washed. Scuffs and fine dirt are also prevented.
  3. You should use microfiber towels to clean your car. You could cause fine scratches on your white car’s body that could lead to rusting. Dust particles damage the paint on the car.
  4. Wax adds extra protection. Yellow stains may be prevented by avoiding tree sap and pollen. Waxing your car once a month is a good idea. Make sure the paint looks shiny by polishing it.
  5. Park your car away from trees. White paint might get stained with bird droppings. A white car with yellow spots is a result of this.


You need to know what formed the stain if you want to get rid of yellow stains on your carpet or on your cars. Being aware of this will assist direct where and how you clean up a mess. For this reason, techniques for removing car paint stains have been suggested, depending on the origin of the stain. 

Maintaining a white car, the white color car may take a bit more effort than maintaining other car colors, but it is still possible if you follow the safety precautions mentioned above. Following these tips for maintaining a white car and picking the best white car cleaners will help you maintain the external appearance and market value of your bright car over time.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will understand How to prevent white cars from turning yellow.


What causes a white car to turn yellow?

When you park your car outside, many weather conditions affect your car. One of them is Ultraviolet rays UV from the sunlight, these are very bad for white car paint. Long time outside car parking caused oxidation by UV rays, because of this reason you see yellow spots on your car, so try to park your car under a shady area.

How do I keep my white car white?

It depends on you, every white color car owner wants to keep his white color white like new, it is very difficult but not possible. No doubt white color cars demand more attention. If you wash your car in time, always park in a shady area, and keep polishing and waxing in time then the chances are very high that your car will remain in its original condition. 

How often should you wash a white car?

It depends on your area and your travels. If you will use your car more, obviously your car will get dirty and need a wash. So, there is no time for washing a white or any other car. When your car gets dirty, you should wash it carefully. You can also check our above-mentioned recommended car care kite for better washing.

Should I wax a white car?

Yes, Of course, you should wax your car if it is a white color car or any other. Regular waxing gives benefits to your car, each layer protects your car paint. It also makes your car’s paint shinier.

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