What Color Cars Do Birds Prefer To Poop On (Notes 2023)

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Every day no one likes to find their car covered with bird poop. But if you found your car full of bird poop so don’t worry may be that bird gave you a reason to car wash. What colours of cars do birds prefer to poop on. A new study revealed some interesting facts about bird poop and how it reflects a bird’s preferences. Birds prefer to cover several different colors to cover their excrement. But the most common colors are white and black. They seem mostly attracted to black cars and white cars.

The colors of the cars are quite important in attracting birds. This is a fascinating notion and one that most of us have never considered. It makes sense that birds would be attracted to certain colors. In this article, we will talk about the bird’s poop on the car and its solutions.

Car Colors Bird prefer to poop on More 

What Color Cars do birds prefer to poop on

The study did not specify what exactly attracts the birds to certain cars. The most common belief was that birds might have been attracted to the color black or even shiny cars in the past. It turns out that this is not the case. What drives most of these birds’ behaviour is the bright colors. 

White Color

Cars do birds prefer to poop on

Birds, especially pigeons prefer to poop on white cars. They like them because they look cleaner when you clean up their poop. Birds also attract different cars because they reflect the sunlight and look cleaner and neater.

Blue cars

What Color Cars do birds prefer to poop

Blue reminds birds of the seas. They like this color which is why they poop on it. Blue cars look clean and reflect the sun’s light. Birds also like to poop on blue cars because they look cool and bright.

Silver cars

Silver cars

This Color scares the birds away because it looks too reflective and shiny, making the bird think it’s a mirror, so they poop on it because they are afraid.

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Reasons Why do Birds prefer to poop on cars?

They are always wondering why birds poop on your car more. Birds love to poop on cars because it’s an instinct. If you want to know why birds poop on cars, here are the main reasons:


Birds poop on cars because they look brighter when you clean them. Therefore, many birds prefer bright cars.


Birds poop on vehicles because of their reflection, it’s a fact. Birds think that the shiny surface is a body of water and want to wet themself.

Watery surface

Birds poop on cars because they think that the car’s surface looks wet and like a pond. Birds love ponds, and they like to poop on them.


Birds are attracted to cars with colors that resemble plumage. Birds like to have a bath and clean their feathers; therefore, they choose certain cars.

Tree parking

Some people like to park their cars under trees to get some shade. Birds love to poop on cars that are parked under trees.

Underwire parking

Aside from their natural habitat, cars are also an ideal place for birds to poop. Because of their small size, they can rapidly poop beneath the wire. Birds are really small, and finding a small space is not a problem. Therefore, birds poop under the wire.

Marking territory

Usually, birds poop on cars because they mark their territory. Therefore, you find bird poop in public places like parking lots and car rental lots.


Bird poops happen to be a bit sticky, and it sticks to the windshield. Therefore, birds tend to poop on cars with very hard surfaces like crystal or diamond glass.

Birds usually poop on the windshield of a car because they think it’s some competition where they are trying to see which one can make the most streaks.

Stressed or scared

Birds may also poop on cars when they are anxious or afraid. Birds become very aggressive and scared once they notice that humans are destroying their habitat. They like to poop on cars as a sign of protest for the bad condition of their habitat.

Spiritual Representation of Bird Poop on Cars

Bird poop on cars can be more than an annoyance. It can also be a spiritual symbol. Many people believe that bird poop is a sign of good luck if you find it outside your home. They think that this type of poop can be a great blessing to anyone who finds it.

The reality is that birds poop on the windshield of your car means nothing more than just bird poop. But if you believe that it could be a sacred sign from God then go ahead and enjoy your newfound good luck.

The world has been fascinated with bird poop on cars and it seems like a never-ending source of fascination to most people. Most people are amazed and curious about how birds can do such a thing. It is no surprise why this phenomenon has been called a ‘miracle’ so many times.

The phenomenon is usually seen first on the windshield of a car. It is followed by the bird itself to the car window and eventually to the car door and the ground below it.


The colors of the cars play an important role in attracting bird poop. Most people are confused about these facts because they think that birds are attracted by dark colors or shiny cars. You can use a car cover for the protection of your vehicle while parking.

If you have a garage then park your car there if you want to make sure your car safety from bird poop or anything else. We hope this article will help you to understand the bird’s pooping psychology.


Is it true that birds are more likely to poop on white cars?
This is a popular myth, but there is no evidence to support it. Birds are more likely to poop on any car that is parked in their flight path or roosting area.

Why do birds poop on cars?
Birds have no control over when or where they poop. They release their waste when their digestive system is full, and it happens to fall on the nearest object.

Can bird poop damage my car’s paint job?
Yes, bird poop contains uric acid, which can corrode and damage car paint if left on for an extended period of time.

How can I remove bird poop from my car without damaging the paint?
To remove bird poop use a soft cloth or sponge and a solution of mild soap and water. You can also use special cleaner for bird poop removal.

Is there any way to prevent birds from pooping on my car?
You can try parking your car in a covered area, using bird repellent sprays, or installing bird spikes or netting around your parking area. You can also use a car cover.

Does the color of my car affect the likelihood of bird poop?
There is no evidence to suggest that the color of your car affects the likelihood of bird poop. Any car parked in the wrong place at the wrong time is a potential target.

Are there any health risks associated with bird poop on cars?
Yes, bird droppings can carry bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be harmful to human health. It’s important to clean up bird poop promptly and avoid direct contact with it.

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