How to get grease off car paint 2023

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You should remove grease stains from your car paint as soon as possible. There are various methods for grease off car paint, in order to prevent further damage to the paint. You know the car is a heavy investment and you should try to take care of it for long life. Car paint is very important for its look, if you will not do properly care for the car paint it will look ugly. For greasing off car paint most sources recommend starting with water, dish soap, and elbow grease as the most effective approach.

How to get grease off car paint

How to get grease off car paint

A popular method for removing grease from car paint is to use dish soap, which is less abrasive than other degreasers. However, other methods are available for grease off car paint. Discover what works, what doesn’t, and how to save your car body paint without risking the safety of you and your crew by reading on.


Degreasers such as dish soap are effective at removing grease from surfaces. Upon application, it surrounds and eats away at the grease when used with ample water. As a result, paint can be washed off without causing any damage.

Dish soap has the benefit of preserving the integrity of the body paint underneath when compared to other cleaning solvents. It has been observed that many degreasers discolor or corrode the paint as they remove grease stains. Using a gentle solvent will allow you to avoid either scenario.


How to get grease off car paint

The next step you should take if dish soap is not successful in lifting grease off car paint is to use WD-40. The grease-stained area should be treated with WD-40. It is advised that the area be rinsed with water and carefully wiped clean of grease and dust. You can use a soft brush to clean hard-to-reach spaces in the engine when using WD-40 on a grease spill. 


For removing grease and other pesky substances, such as tar, sap, and bird waste, a degreaser spray like Goo Gone Automotive Spray Gel is a popular choice.

Degreaser spray can be used in a simple manner. As a guide, follow these steps:

  • On the stained area, spray the degreaser.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes after applying the degreaser. The amount of time necessary will depend on the severity of the stain.
  • Use a microfiber towel, soft brush, or another non-abrasive instrument to remove the degreaser from the surface.
  • C-Tec Multi-Purpose Solvent.

Multisolvent cleaning solutions such as C-Tec Multi-Purpose Solvent can also be used to remove grease stains. In accordance with the product information, multi-solve degreasers are unique, nonabrasive solvents designed to clean without damaging the paint coat or weather sealant.


How to get grease off car paint

The general consensus is that the use of fuel is too dangerous, regardless of the claims of mechanics, detailers, and experienced amateurs that diesel can be an effective degreaser. Diesel fuel may gently lubricate grease stains, making them easier to wipe away, but it also poses greater risks when used and removed.

It is a violation of federal safety regulations to use gasoline or diesel fuel to clean stains, tools, or pavement. There is a high probability of unexpected explosions with diesel fuel due to its low flash point.

Diesel can also cause groundwater pollution, expose workers to harmful fumes, and increase the risk of fire. In order to maintain a worksite that’s both clean and safe, avoid using diesel as a degreaser on vehicles, parts, or tools.


Leaving grease stains on your car paint can be challenging and unsightly if you do not take action. The removal of grease stains from the body paint of a vehicle can be accomplished in several ways. It is recommended that you apply water to the stained area, scrub it gently with dish soap, then wipe it down with a microfiber towel.

You now have the knowledge of how to remove grease quickly and efficiently from car paint. If you ever get yourself into a mess and wind up with your car coated in grease. This procedure will ensure that very small further damage is done to your car’s paint, which in turn will allow you to drive with a sense of confidence. Also, share this information with others for their guidance.

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