How To Put On Car Steering Wheel Cover (Guide 2023)

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Steering wheel covers are a quick and easy accessory that offers many benefits to you. They can add a touch of personalization to your car, keep your steering wheel clean, and make your car more comfortable to drive.

There’s a steering wheel cover for you, no matter what style you want. There are so many exciting types of car steering wheel covers on the market.

Some might be easier to put on than others but you will find them all straightforward to get on. This article will discuss How to put on a car steering wheel cover.

Some covers have to be stitched but some have a rim that is already pre-sewn and you have to put it on the wheel.

These covers are very simple in design and are made of vinyl and polyurethane, which is why they last so long.

Some covers have to be adjusted after putting them on but others are ready to go right out of the package. There are also steering wheel covers with airbag cut-outs that make installation easier.

Why would you need a steering wheel cover?

How to put on car steering wheel cover best car care tips 2022 2

There are several reasons why people choose to use a steering wheel cover. Some want to make their car more comfortable to drive, while others like it because they want to protect their steering wheel.

Many people use car covers to keep the steering wheel clean, which is one of the main reasons they like them. Many other reasons are given below:

It Guarantees Safety

Having a steering wheel cover will guarantee your safety in an accident. Some covers have been known to save lives, and this is what makes them so attractive to drivers.

An engine that has been hit by debris can seriously Damage any car, but it could also cause death. In some cases, a steering wheel cover can prevent you from losing control of your vehicle if the airbag deploys.

Since the cover will have some tension, the risk of flying debris causing severe injuries is a lot lower. As a result, it’s an effective approach to avoiding traffic accidents and deaths.

It is a Nice Addition to Your Car

One thing that interests people when it comes to steering wheel covers is their looks. They are attractive and can give your vehicle a unique personality.

There are numerous styles and colours to choose from. Everyone who owns a car will eventually want to change its look, and a steering wheel cover is one of the many items people use to make their cars unique.

Many people like this accessory because they want to add a personal touch to their vehicles, during others like them because they are fun and flashy. It’s really up to your taste.

It is an Easy Installation

How to put on car steering wheel cover best car care tips 2022

The installation process is simple and won’t take more than a few minutes. You only need to ensure that you read the instructions on the cover and will be ready to go.

If the airbag hole is already in the wheel, all you need to do is put it on. Otherwise, you will have to cut it out. Once you have it all cut out and ready, you will follow the instructions and you will be done in no time. A lot of information online can help you with any installation-related questions.

It makes Your Car More Comfortable to Drive

Having a steering wheel cover on your steering wheel will make driving more comfortable. Most covers give cushioning, which is why people like them so much.

If you drive for long periods, you know that your hands can get sore, and your arms will fatigue. A steering wheel cover gives you a nice surface to rest your hands on, making driving a lot more pleasant.

It Protects Your Steering Wheel

How to put on car steering wheel cover best car care tips 2022 3

While it doesn’t offer the same protection as a cover made of genuine leather or suede, it is still an excellent way to protect your car’s steering wheel.

The use of a steering wheel cover is simple, and it keeps your steering wheel clean. As a result, they are well-liked by a large number of people.

It’s an accessory that makes your car more comfortable to drive, but it’s also an inexpensive way to protect your vehicle.

It Lasts for Years

A steering wheel cover will probably last you for years and years if you take good care of it. It’s a worthwhile investment of your time.

You won’t have to buy a cover for your steering wheel on a regular basis. This makes it a lot less expensive than purchasing leather or suede covers now and then.

How to put on car steering wheel cover?

All the necessary steps to put on a car steering wheel cover are very easy to follow. The main thing is to make sure that you read the instructions given with your cover so that you know what car steering wheel cover you will be installing and how it will work.

There are different cover styles; some might require minor adjustments before they fit appropriately on your steering wheel. Some steps will help you to put your steering wheel cover quickly:

Take some measurements 

You must measure your steering wheel’s circumference before you start putting on your cover. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate cover size.

Many people get a little bit too excited when trying to install their cover and they forget big holes, or they try to install it on the wrong part of their steering wheel. Please don’t make this mistake because it can be effortless.

Go shopping 

The first thing you need to do is go shopping. Many stores sell steering wheel covers, and some of them might have the exact ones you are looking for.

This will make it a lot easier for you to find the perfect cover, and it will also save you some time. If your local store doesn’t have your cover, there’s always the Internet.

Clean the steering wheel cover 

You will want to clean your steering wheel before you start to put on your cover. This will help to keep it protected, and it will also make it easier for you to fit your cover.

Gently wipe the steering wheel with a moist cloth, and don’t forget the sides of the wheel too. Don’t forget that some parts should be kept free of debris; otherwise, they might not be very effective when driving.

A clean steering wheel is one of the best ways to get a good result when putting on a car steering wheel cover.

 Pick the Right Method and Install the Wheel Cover

The most important thing is to select an appropriate installation method for your steering wheel cover. You can install a steering wheel cover on your steering wheel in a variety of ways.

 The Stretching Method 

The stretching method will require stretching the cover over the steering wheel. You can use your hands or a tool to help you stretch it out, and then you will be able to put it on in no time at all.

This procedure necessitates a great deal of patience, but it’s also quite simple.

The Knife Method 

The knife method is excellent for holes already cut into your steering wheel. You will need to make a cutting tool that you can use on the steering wheel cover.

This cutting tool is made of flat steel, so it will not damage your steering wheel in any way whatsoever.

You will then be able to use the tool and cut out some of the material needed to keep the airbag from harming you while driving down the road. You then follow the instructions and put them on your cover.

The Stitching Method

If you have a cover made of leather and suede, this will probably be the best method for you to use.

This method uses a regular needle and thread to weave the cover into your steering wheel. This can be a little bit more difficult than the other methods but if you are patient, it will work out perfectly.

You will want to follow the steps that are given in the instructions that come with your cover.


Putting a steering wheel cover can be a great way to keep your car looking good, more comfortable, and well-protected.

Simply take your time and select the appropriate cover for you. Never forget to measure the circumference of your steering wheel, and then buy the right-sized cover.

The cover that you choose should fit your steering wheel perfectly, and you should need to follow the instructions that are given with your cover.

It will be much easier for you to install it quickly because of this. Just take your time and enjoy putting on your new steering wheel cover. After reading the above article, you will know how to put on car steering wheel cover.


What materials are steering wheel covers made of?
Steering wheel covers can be made of various materials including leather, synthetic leather, fabric, neoprene and vinyl. Each material has its unique properties, so it’s essential to choose one that fits your preferences and budget.

Why should you put a steering wheel cover on your car?
A steering wheel cover can enhance your driving experience by providing a comfortable and secure grip on the steering wheel. It can also protect the steering wheel from wear and tear, such as cracks and discolouration, caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, sweat and other elements.

How do you choose the right size of the steering wheel cover for your car?
To choose the right size of the steering wheel cover for your car, you need to measure the diameter of the steering wheel. Most steering wheel covers come in standard sizes, ranging from 14 to 16 inches in diameter. However, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a proper fit.

What tools do you need to install a steering wheel cover?
You don’t need any special tools to install a steering wheel cover. However, you may need a pair of scissors or a knife to trim the excess material if the cover is too long for your steering wheel.

How do you install a steering wheel cover?
To install a steering wheel cover, start by placing the cover on the steering wheel and aligning it properly. Then, tuck the edges of the cover underneath the steering wheel and stretch the cover until it fits snugly. Finally, trim any excess material and adjust the cover until it looks even and smooth.

Can you wash the steering wheel cover and how often should you clean it?
You can wash your steering wheel cover, depending on the material it is made of. Most covers can be cleaned using mild soap and water or a leather cleaner if it’s made of leather. It’s best to clean the cover regularly. Especially if you use your car frequently, to prevent the buildup of dirt, grime and sweat.

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