How to increase car engine life In 2023

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How to increase car engine life? This question arises in many minds, but many people have no idea where to start. The vehicle engine is like the heart which is very important for every vehicle.

So, you can understand the importance of the engine, and for its smooth running many things, you should take care of. You can do this to ensure that your car runs in tip-top shape, and maintain your car engine when you need it the most. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best ways to increase car engine life.

How to increase car engine life

6 Best ways are listed below for your better guidance, these best tips will help you to increase your car engine life.

Change Oil to keep car engine in good condition

How to increase car engine life

If you want to increase car engine life, one of the most important thing you can do is change your car engine oil regularly. It’s simple but often overlooked. Most people are even unfamiliar with how to check oil conditions and just drive the car until the real problem happened. 

The oil cleans and cools every moving part of a car’s mechanical systems, including pistons, cams, and bearings. If you don’t change the oil at certain intervals then ready to face critical problems that occur in the engine and this often leads to seizing the engine.

You should visit your mechanic at least once a month to clear every aspect related to the engine. you should also take advice from the mechanic about the oil change schedule because oil plays an important role in the whole parts of the engine. You should also take care of manufacturing recommendations about oil changing.

Have Regular Servicing to keep your car running forever

How to increase car engine life

If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you. In this article, we will provide some basic and regular services. some regular services like checking the water of the radiator, wires of components, check-up of a battery, noting indicator warning signs, headlights, tire air pressure, tire alignments, and see of the exterior.

These regular services have the benefit that makes for future easiness in money as well as time and maintaining the engine in a better position. It also provides help to keep a view of future damage to car engines. Make a daily note of the car engine daily services that you must do. These services are also used for that while selling or purchasing cars.

Clean Air Filters For extending car life

First of all, we know about air filters, in simple words air filter is the lungs of the car if something bad happens in the lung will affect on air system like the human breathing system connecting with the lung system. Due to dirty air filters, the car bears more stress on engine health. 

How to increase car engine life

The air filter has the most important advantages and maintains the car engines in a good position, some of them given below,

  • Made fuel efficiency better
  • Increasing engine life
  • Reduce emission
  • Gave good air quality to the car engine 

The dirty filter has some debris and other particles which affect the performance of the engine. Replacing the dirty air filter is easy and should be on often check the health of the filter and also follow the manufacturing recommendation when replacing them with new ones. There are many types of filters available on market but all have the same function for the car’s health.

Nowadays, every car model has a modern electronic system. Electronic systems also want neat and clean and avoid dirt. The electronic system can also affect due to dirty air filters that’s why extra care adopts to maintain the car’s air filter.

Keep the Car Cool

How to increase car engine life

When you plan for a long drive with your family first of all you should visit your mechanic. The mechanic tells you about your car’s health and whether is it capable of a long drive or not after a complete check-up.

Often this happens when you make a long drive in the car, almost all parts of the car like the engine and tires got hot. This hot affects the car engine and tires and became a reason for major accidents. When tires got hot and due to the chances of burst tire increase. In this case, you can also meet bad incidents.

During long drive car also consume more oil than average consumption in a normal routine. So the quality of oil also decreases as soon as it runs in a long drive and it badly affects the performance of the engine. Bad quality oil also causes the cooling system of the car too. So also keep in mind that it is also necessary oil must be changed mainly before and after a long drive.

Don’t Drive Carelessly

How to increase car engine life

Driving may be one of our favorite forms of transportation, but maintaining your car is crucial. Driving carelessly can decrease oil mileage, wear down parts, life risks, and increase emissions. Allowing a driver who isn’t well-versed in proper driving skills behind the wheel can negatively impact safety and increase costs at repair shops. 

Driving is easy but without complete driving skills, it can be difficult. Carelessly driving can cause own life risk as well as that of others on the roads. Everyone should have proper driving skills so can avoid some bad incidents. It also put a bad impact on the maintenance of car engine.

If we compare normal cars with racing cars then it is our fault while driving carelessly. Racing cars have some special functions which are not available in normal cars. In formula cars, extra care and features are required during manufacturing of it. In simple words, formula cars are made for racing but have cared for car engines also.

Buy Quality Parts

How to increase car engine life

Buying cheap parts may seem like a great way to save money and keep a tight budget, but cheap parts may not stand up well over time. Parts that aren’t built well tend to break more frequently, which means you’ll have to replace them more often. However, if you buy quality parts, they’ll last longer and save you money in the long run and also maintain your car engine in the best condition. 

The tradeoff is typically between price and performance. The less expensive your part is upfront, most likely it’s going to be a low-quality part that will break quickly. If cost is an issue for you, consider looking into used or remanufactured parts instead of buying new ones.


The car engine is the most important part of your car, you should take care of it. You should keep the above tips in your mind and try to follow these points. These all will give a smooth run to your car. You should also share this information with others, so they could also take care of the car engine. We hope you have gotten a better idea of car engine maintenance after reading this article.


How do you keep a car engine in good condition?

You should regularly check your car engine parts. You can do this weekly or monthly. Do so you can keep a car engine in good condition. We have also discussed the most important points in this article, you can read these all for a better idea.

How can I make my car engine last longer?

The car engine is like a heart, when you will take care of it, it will last longer. You should do so on time like you should change engine oil, air filters and don’t ignore engine warning lights. For more information read compelte article.

What is the most important maintenance for an engine?

Every vehicle engine needs regular oil changes because engine oil is like blood. Engine oil is responsible for keeping the different components of your engine moving cohesively with minimal friction. After driving more, the oil gets dirty and needs to be changed to keep your engine healthy.

Does driving fast damage your car?

Driving fast could be bad for you and your car too. You should follow the traffic rules of your state. Driving fast is not a good habit, you should avoid it.

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